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Am I the only one who is replacing the he or him pronouns with her or she instead

A lovely little VN.


The art is simple yet clear. Suits the theme you're going for. May I ask, what was the most challenging aspect of working on this visual novel? Was it creating all the art or something else entirely?


i would say yuu and echo are best girls but they just seriously disturb me.

how do i open up the game? can you please help me.

I may have died twice to Yuu, but to me she is best girl!

The final entry, this was great.


It was short but realy funny, and I love it

Waitttt our player, is it a girl or boy???

the protagonist doesn't have a determined gender. you can assign your own if you want.


in my opinion all the other characters are not as good as Viryse. SHE IS ABSOLUTELY THE BEST CHARACTER. 100/10. love it and i hope there is another part coming soon! (no rush tho take your time <3) an amazing game like this takes time so dont rush plz! <3


crush you like berry


fuck you


what a game! I really loved what you did with Echo and Viryse as characters. Keep up the great work! this game is nothing short of splendid.

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Quite a comfy and a short visual novel. I have got all of the endings, worth a try and nice to play. The design and graphics were great! Continue doing what you are doing.


does it matter\

i really can't ignore the fact that it looks so much like doki doki literature club so freakin obvious 


one of my viewers asked me to play this on my channel, So far I love it!!!


First death. I'm not sure if it crashed the game or not but here's part 2!


Whats this,3 months later is episode 3?


the final entry

Super cute game! 
Viryse was my favorite character, especially her design! 
I'm a bit hesitant to ask if cosplay is okay for this game since I think some characters are based on real people. Either way, I enjoyed playing it!

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Wow! That was fun!  I was greatly surprised, it might be a bit short, but so many choices to explore! 

I cannot stop going back to see all the bad/good ends! 

Really loved it! ヽ(o♡o)/ 

When breaking the 4th wall, the narrator is funny!   

Great job!  (^_^)b

And the arts so "Kawaii" !!!! 

I WANT MORE!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!  (^人^)


4 out of 5. Everything is perfect besides translaition. there are SOOOOOO many grammar errors that it's not even funny. Besides that it has exactly what you want in a visual novel a good story with A-LOT of endings.

If i were to rate this game out of 5 stars i would give it a million stars rating, this game is SOOOO awesome i play it over almost every time i finsih it. I Would love to play more games like this one!

I created a video on this game Because it was so good though i dont have a lot of subs to watch it

It's a pretty good game, imo. I feel like there's just not enough illustration but it's an amazing game and if i could, i would support this project. Keep up with the good job!

Wonderful story! just played it with my 'sis and it was a beautiful experience. i just had to type this review because it was amazing. for a parody, it was a good one as well. the humour is there when it comes to the narrator and i loved the art style. though, i think there were some things that could'a been added to make it more longer, and there were no bugs as far as i played, it was really cute and i don't regret playing it one bit. 

Thank you for the experience! i hope to see you doing many other amazing things in the visual novel community! :)

P.S: You're a chicken nugget.

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It was alright. I went through all ends pretty damn fast but they were all kind of the same. The storytelling needs more deception to the reader. Its way to straight forward for a horror visual novel. Its very easy to notice what will happen and choices feel more obvious than vague like they should be.  The art style is great though very cute. In the story with the gym/cat girl a small spelling mistake where viryse will say "Sports club sctivites are cancelled every month." incase you didn't know.  Good job on the visual novel so far.

Okay, but really short and could use some technical tune ups.

No way to change text speed, so either super speed or snail speed.


Ugh, one of the most boring games I've played in a while! I knew I should have deleted it the moment it said no fanservice. What a bore. There are some death bugs, but I suppose it runs pretty fine. 

It was fun to try the different  routes but i messed up  with Viryse. pretty sure it was when i locked the door.  

welp all that is good must come to an end. Man this game was amazing

here is the third part and gotta say once more, it was a really cute story with really adorable characters. Thanks for creating this game.

ahhh thank you so much for your kind words! i'm glad you enjoyed the game <3

So I released my first video on the series of this game and I had a absolute ball with it! 

thank you so much for playing the game!! > v <

AHOY THERE THE SECOND PART OF MY GAMEPL......why am i using caps???......welll its done now and i can´t fix it no mater what....ANYWAY second part is out here is the link if ya wish to watch it

Not a yotuber, but I liked the game :P

I finished Echo route after getting a game over twice (one because "the voice in my head" is a bad being who is obsessed to make me dance with some girl in halloween haha)

Anyway, I liked the story and liked it's lack of fanservice (for real, it's a pervert and unnecessary resource). Please update it to give us more and more endings and a longer story.

PS: Clicked on the characters name and realized they are based on creators from tapastic and viryse helped on creation *-* :O
Viryse: I like Extra Ordinary (if the character's hair in the game was black and green i would recognize in the same instant haha)
Yuu: Anti-social media is cool, I like it *-*
Echo: Nop, never heard about you, maybe I'll see your comics.
Engiru: I thing i heard about the toothpaste series, but never read it, maybe i will
(sorry, i got excited here)

Loved playing this game on my channel for halloween! I ended up trying all endings after I got 2 endings on camera, I really hope you go places! 

If you enjoy the video consider commenting, liking, even subscribing and sharing! #DatingSim


ahh thank you so much for playing! i'm glad you enjoyed :D

yo there played your game and made a four part gampley of it, hope ya don´t mind

Really cool art style and fourth wall breaks 

here´s the first part

This soundtrack is sooo cute! Especially the art style!! Have you released the music on any platforms, I'd like to share with my friends!! Great game! ^^

Love or Die- 2:07

Love the game cant wait to try the other play through!

thank you for playing! > v <

Having a great time so far! Definitely interested to see where this goes... Also I'm sorry I destroyed your characters with horrific voices.

thank you so much for playing! > v <


this game copy Doki Doki ?

Enjoyed your art style and, 4th wall breaking narrative. The BGM fit well with the game but, was pretty loud. If I played this on my main channel without adjusting sounds I would have been drowned out! I founds it interesting you put yourself in the game as, the vampire ;) I'm sure most missed that part. I really wanted to go down the nurse path but, I figured that was usually the most chosen option.

Loved this game so far!!! ^ - ^ Tried to voice all the characters too, but I always kind of fail at that! XD 

ahh thank you so much for playing! i enjoyed watching your playthrough > v <

I now have all the routes up on my channel:




ahh thank you for enjoying the game!! <3

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