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No way to change text speed, so either super speed or snail speed.


Ugh, one of the most boring games I've played in a while! I knew I should have deleted it the moment it said no fanservice. What a bore. There are some death bugs, but I suppose it runs pretty fine. 

It was fun to try the different  routes but i messed up  with Viryse. pretty sure it was when i locked the door.  

welp all that is good must come to an end. Man this game was amazing

here is the third part and gotta say once more, it was a really cute story with really adorable characters. Thanks for creating this game.

ahhh thank you so much for your kind words! i'm glad you enjoyed the game <3

So I released my first video on the series of this game and I had a absolute ball with it! 

thank you so much for playing the game!! > v <

AHOY THERE THE SECOND PART OF MY GAMEPL......why am i using caps???......welll its done now and i can´t fix it no mater what....ANYWAY second part is out here is the link if ya wish to watch it

Not a yotuber, but I liked the game :P

I finished Echo route after getting a game over twice (one because "the voice in my head" is a bad being who is obsessed to make me dance with some girl in halloween haha)

Anyway, I liked the story and liked it's lack of fanservice (for real, it's a pervert and unnecessary resource). Please update it to give us more and more endings and a longer story.

PS: Clicked on the characters name and realized they are based on creators from tapastic and viryse helped on creation *-* :O
Viryse: I like Extra Ordinary (if the character's hair in the game was black and green i would recognize in the same instant haha)
Yuu: Anti-social media is cool, I like it *-*
Echo: Nop, never heard about you, maybe I'll see your comics.
Engiru: I thing i heard about the toothpaste series, but never read it, maybe i will
(sorry, i got excited here)

Loved playing this game on my channel for halloween! I ended up trying all endings after I got 2 endings on camera, I really hope you go places! 

If you enjoy the video consider commenting, liking, even subscribing and sharing! #DatingSim


ahh thank you so much for playing! i'm glad you enjoyed :D

yo there played your game and made a four part gampley of it, hope ya don´t mind

Really cool art style and fourth wall breaks 

here´s the first part

This soundtrack is sooo cute! Especially the art style!! Have you released the music on any platforms, I'd like to share with my friends!! Great game! ^^

Love or Die- 2:07

Love the game cant wait to try the other play through!

thank you for playing! > v <

Having a great time so far! Definitely interested to see where this goes... Also I'm sorry I destroyed your characters with horrific voices.

thank you so much for playing! > v <


this game copy Doki Doki ?

Enjoyed your art style and, 4th wall breaking narrative. The BGM fit well with the game but, was pretty loud. If I played this on my main channel without adjusting sounds I would have been drowned out! I founds it interesting you put yourself in the game as, the vampire ;) I'm sure most missed that part. I really wanted to go down the nurse path but, I figured that was usually the most chosen option.

Loved this game so far!!! ^ - ^ Tried to voice all the characters too, but I always kind of fail at that! XD 

ahh thank you so much for playing! i enjoyed watching your playthrough > v <

I now have all the routes up on my channel:




ahh thank you for enjoying the game!! <3

is that ENGIRU??????

hey, um, i think this might be a bug, but i was 'having tea' with Yuu, and when i decided to drink it my screen turned red and i had to exit out of the game...possible bug? maybe, but everyone messes up (ahem, including me ALOT) is this part of the game or a tiny bug?

I really loved the game, but when I was choosing the one of the choices for Echo's route the game just freezes on a red screen.

I loved playing this so much x3

I also made a video for En's Route today, with more coming this week and weekend:

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I really enjoyed this game, it was fun and i got every single ending (plus with bad ones) And can i ask you question, if you're gonna create another game like this? Since i really like this one.  Also, what is the Music for En in Yandere mode? I know it's there but the I can't see the youtube Video because it's probably deleted.

Well I must say it was the novel was AMAZING! My favorite part is the 4th wall breaking commentary of the developer since it is so cute and removes the akwardness that some visual novels have :D. The characters are lovely and art is beautiful. And not only the game is amazing but also the developer is too  *notices the animal rescue organisation post*. Perhaps you are should be a full time game developer (or maybe you already are I dont know)? Couse I think you may achieve great heights if you set your mind to it, you would just need some more publicity. And I would really wish to help such awesome developers like you *hug*

Aaaaah sorry for the late reply and thank you so much!! I'm supre glad you liked the game and I'll make sure to make more in the future! Your words are very encouraging > v <b

eyy uhm....if you know how many endings are there? don't tell me how to get them i just want to know how many i can get >:3

Hey, its been awhile since I posted my first video for this game. Some stuff came up and I wasn't able to get this out sooner. This is my third episode, I didn't have much to say about the second one and I didn't want to spam you. 

Honestly, most of my comments are going to be about echo. I absolutely fell in love with her character, and just overall I enjoyed her story so much. Except for the ending. I just felt like it ended so suddenly, with such a big 180 in her personality, it didn't rea;ly feel fulfilling. And that may just be from how much I came to like the character, i'm not entirely sure. But when everything ended I was genuinely sad and I wanted so much more...

That being said, that ending was really my only complaint. I really enjoyed the game, I thought it was very well made and the stories were really nice. The characters were cute and easy to connect with, and I just ended up getting sucked in way more then I thought I would. 

Thank you for creating such a nice game and making it free for people to enjoy, I know I did. And I wish that my videos could bring the game more popularity because I honestly feel like this deserves it. I had a great time playing it and I hope I did the game justice with my playthrough, I definitely tried too.

Aaaah thank you so much for constructive criticism! It was my first game so next time I'll have in mind what you said ^ ^ truth is, the game ended up MUCH longer than planned and it caused some rush from my side so there's that ;; I'm glad you enjoyed the game! Thanks again for leaving a message!

I absolutely adored the game! On the first playthrough, I ended up dying, and I died one other time, but other than that, the game was pretty easy to get the hang of. It was adorable! 

Aaah sorry for the late reply! I'm glad you enjoyed the game and thanks for leaving a comment! :>


Love the game so far, the art is incredible and the conept is great. Just some constructive critisism:
I feel the "voice in your head" can take you out from the experience when its interupting conversations. Usually it's not a problem, but for a story driven visual novel it's worth playing around with. Still love the game and the writing is still great, just seems like it would be improved to take out the voice where it isn't neccesary. There are even times where it will pop up without it being immediately obvious who's talking. 
Don't want to come off as mean because I actually really enjoy all the other writing, and maybe it lessens later on, but its too glaring a problem not to mention. 5/5 otherwise


Thank you so much for playing the game and leaving critique! I'm glad you like the game and will try and improve next time I work on a similar projects! <3

Hey, I started a series on the game. I haven't played much of it so far, so i'll have more to say as I continue on, but I think that it's very promising. I love the style and the music, and i'm exctited to be able to explore the characters more in depth and hopefully find my favorite. 

I guess that's really all I can say for now. But feel free to watch the video. I'll have more to say soon!

Hi! Thank you so much for playing my game! It has a few flaws here and there but I'm glad you like it > v < will look forward for more videos~

I'm on the mac build and am i just missing how to save? I try pressing escape and stuff and i can't save so ;-; please help

there's a gear button on the bottom right where you can save ^ 7 ^

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I don't know if it's just me, but in the Yuu route, when I choose to drink her tea, everything gets red and stays like this forever. Is it a bug? Can anybody help me? ~ Viryse? ~

sorry for the late reply! yes, i know that there's a bug, and i tried to fix it but it seems like the problem still occurs only on some pcs.. very sorry about that! i'm not a professional and unfortunately i don't know anyone who could help me fix it ; - ;

Hey hey! Don't worry! Thanks for the reply and for the amazing game <3

Thanks for enjoying it! :D

I don't know if this is a bug or not but I joined the lit club and when Vivi gave me a notebook to give to Echo, she told me not to look in it, so naturally, I looked in it. After that I gave it to Echo and once I left the library it cuts to the hall for a split second and then the screen becomes completely red and I can't click anything. I have the leave the game and load my save file. Is this a bug? 

sorry for the late reply! this definitely sounds like a bug (there are a few in my game unfortunately) it seems like the bugs exist only for some people and i'm not sure how to fix the since i'm not a professional and have no friends to ask about this issue ; v ; very sorry for the inconvenience!

Ah geez, I should apologize for the late reply as well!! But no worries! Thank you so much for getting back to me!! I hope you manage to figure out what's goin' on though!! Good luck!<3

I'll do my best! :D


its weird im allowed to pick a name and i pick nadia and then the game proceeds to use he pronouns :D? you could try using neutral pronouns (they/them) or optionally input some system to let the player pick pronouns too

Heyyoo! I have a question! What is the song called in the normal end, the one where you choose not to get a date?? I heard the sax, I literally jumped out of my seat and squealed...

Hi! I think you're talking about the song called Dixie Outlandish ^ ^

Hey Viryse! I need your help with some BUGgy, situation. So, I was trying to open the game after when I unpacked it to a folder(u know the usual thing), but afther that when I clicked on "HalloweenTapas.exe" the window with black screens opens and the white gear is on the left and the bottom corner. So is there a some problem with me, or my computer trying to protect my innocence from guts? ( ;-_-)

Hi there! Does nothing happen afterwards and there's just black screen? The gear is the menu button, although you can only access it during the game. Also, is it in the left and not right corner?

Yes, nothing happen when the black screen happening. And gear is in right corner.

Okie, let me check it out and see what might be wrong. Sorry for the trouble, I'll try to find the solution asap!

Hi! I couldn't find the solution to your problem, would you mind contacting me on twitter for further assistance?

Really love the game, the art is adorable (I already knew it's gonna be, considering I follow all of you on tapastic) and the story is interesting. It would be cool if you could choose a gender at the beginning of them game, but that's not really an issue considering the mc appears only at the end, really. I did find a bug, though. To me, when you play Yuu's route and pick to drink her tea, the screen goes red and stays that way. The end screen doesn't appear nor are you able to click the options button. While this isn't that much of a problem considering you can just exit the whole game and continue on, I just wanted to be of a little help. 

Good luck

Hi! Thanks for leaving me a comment. I did think about making mc neutral gendered, but since it was my first time making a game, I didn't really know how to manage that.. As for the bug, it should be fixed in the latest version (v1.3), thanks for mentioning it though!


Heya, I'd first like to say that I really enjoyed the game! The characters are cute and charming (maybe not when they're trying to kill you...). I found some of the dialogue to be quite funny, especially the voice in the protagonists head. 

Visuals wise the game looks fantastic, each character's been lovingly crafted and they are all unique from one another. The music also fits in nicely with the scenes that occur throughout the game.

It's a solid visual novel experience that I had fun playing through and would recommend others to give it a shot too. I only played through one of the routes offered but I was quite happy with the way things turned out, I would also like to say that I didn't run into a single bug. A few grammar errors here and there but nothing that takes you away from the game.

I hope you don't mind but I recorded a let's play of the game for my channel, also I'm deeply sorry if I butchered the pronunciation of your name...

Cheers and best wishes!


Hi! Thank you so much for a review, I'm glad you enjoyed the game! 

p.s. don't worry about the name, no one can get it right for the first time :'D

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You're quite welcome, and thank you for making a great game and taking the time to reply!

Out of curiosity, if you don't mind me asking, how do you pronounce your name? 


This was a sweet visual novel~ 

The art was adorable and very vibrant in color, and the character designs were pretty good in variety too.  I  also found the little emotes/kaomoji and the third party 'voice' to be pretty funny. It did well in adding more personality to the VN since I liked the execution of it; it wasn't too overbearing or overused.

As mentioned already, I did have a lot of trouble in Yuu's route though. Some options lead me to a red screen where I couldn't click on anything - not even the gear icon to access the menu. I don't know if that was intentional, but it forced me to restart the game so I couldn't see the bad endings in its entirety. 

Other than that, I really enjoyed this so good job!

ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \ 

Thank you so much for playing! The problem in Yuu's route still remains and I'm trying my best to make it work. I'm really glad you liked it thought! >////<

This game is so CUTE

Thank you!! (*/▽\*)

I already read your, En's, Yuu's, and Echo's content on Tapastic, so I knew this game would be a treat! I already finished your route, and I'm trying to finish Yuu's, but I'm having issues. For some reason, after I pick a folder of recipes, there's no text popping up, but Yuu's sprite continues to react with various facial expressions, so I assume it's somehow progressing without me. I closed and exited the game a couple times, but nothing's happening. What should I do? 

Hi! Thanks for playing DoD! I'm currently trying to see what's wrong. It seems like the bug exists only for some of the players. I'm very sorry, hope you can wait until I find a solution ^ ^

a really cute dating sim with multiple routes
great character design and music choices add to the replayability
i hope youre gonna make another game sometime

thank you for playing!


I really love this game! Cute, funny, and great choices to make. Here's my playthrough when I chose Viryse, sorry if I seem to have mispronounce the name. (^_^;)

waah, thank you so much for playing the game! don't worry about the pronunciation, no one can get it until they hear it :'D

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