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i got a weird glitch where drinking "the tea" my screen went red and just stopped.
my mouse changed when i hovered over the menu button  but it wouldn't work
and then it worked later?

I found every ending in 1-2 hours.

Even this game is really cool.

The game was really cool and funny.. I laughed so many times while playing it xD

Btw, here is my video. I'm a random brazilian guy who likes to play random horror games (gameplay in portuguese). 

Thanks for the game! I had, indeed, a good time playing it.

Awesome game. Viryse is easily the best girl.
I really enjoyed the voice in my head constantly breaking the tension or the subtle 4th wall breaks to cut up the normal pace of the fairly short novel. Almost every girl having a part in every route was also a nice touch!

This post is old, but seeing as how y ou asked for a gameplay video, here you are (I'd share it anyways)

Can you turn off the volume anywhere?

how many bad endings are there per character? en's killed me three different ways now :')

go away witch girl i need my viryse time grr bark bark

get this game

vampire girl eats you if you mess up aahahhah????

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No fan service, 0/10 (¬_¬)

(In actuality though, this game is fantastic)

I may still be hallucinating, but the demon in my head was an excellent wingman! 10/10!

This was a cute little game. Wish there was a demon girl choice though (/◕ヮ◕)/ lol

Here's my video:


I know this game is a bit older but HONESTLY it's so cute??? I've never been into VN but I fell in LOVE with this! It has drawn me into wanting to play so many more. The endings were all adorable and even with the typos, I still had a blast. 

Viryse superiority.

Played this game a while ago but forgot to leave a review so now that I've found it again I just want to say that I loved it! The characters are super cute (especially Viryse) and the end screen when you go to the party with Viryse was adorable!!

It was super cute. When En said "I'll catch you later." I did a double-take.

I drank the tea that Yuu gave me, then I see nothing but red screen.

Did I die?

Yup. That caught me off guard too when that happened.

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I love your game! Everyone is so lovely, even though they kill me time and time again lol

It would be great if there was an option to mix the music and sound effects because sometimes the SFX would be too loud (like the door slamming) or the music too

There are also a few typos too


hola me intereso el juego y queria saber si esta en español?


la fregada nunca respondió XD

Hello! Dunno if the creator of this game will see this but thanks! I play a lot of dating games, but too much fanservice is killing me. Needed something I could feel good playing.

I can REALLY tell you liked making this game. Almost felt less like a game and more like you sat down with me and are telling me a story where you ask me questions and tell me about what happens. Really fun! The kind of thing I need right now.

I haven't properly finished it yet, but I'll probably send a proper review when I do. Thanks for making this!

Hi, I think the file cannot run on my Mac(Big Sur, Version 11.0).

They're all such sweethearts, but Viryse is definitely my favourite. 

I wish the routes were longer.

I love cute games like this.


A Cute Little Visual Novel where you can choose what girl you spend time with different girls based on what option you choose, it is quite a wholesome novel, though i don't know how you die in this game, but that does mean i just picked the best choices, very wholesome. short and sweet

I did a playthrough on this novel for anyone that wants to see just one of the endings

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this game looks cute! i love how this site is in black and red, then i also like how cartoony everything looks in the game. each girl is pretty unique which i like and the dialouge being written so carefree is fun to read, good work

I made a video of me playing the game. It was really fun and the game is really good!

to be honest the game looked fun and was alright but I just felt lazy the narration was poor with the emojis and there where not many sprites but other than that it was really enjoyable so I'm leaving a 4/5

I can translate your game into Spanish, if you wish.


i just started playing and it said there's no fan service can you fix that its a serious bug

Using the latest version of Mac OS Catalina, it's a shame it won't work.

I really want to try this game out, but the updated mac iOS doesn't let me run 32-bit applications. I know this is a pretty old game, but if you have the time and could update the game to 64-bit I'd really appreciate that.

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omg this is so cool! i love viryse! shes so cuteeeee. i def love this! aslso what did you use to make this?


Really cute game!! UwU


Idea was interesting... but execution is, unfortunately, lacking.

Too long pauses, skip text not stopping on new text, narrator using emojis. That was enough for me to drop it at "Nah, I'm good" choice (that featured quite sudden game over).

The protagonist looks so sharp on the vampire costume

echo is just so cute i

Hello. I wanted to say that for some reason i can not play this on mac. Any help please?

i played this a long time ago and really enjoyed! Might try it again.

Found this through this video! I was surprised to see that this game was made three years ago! It’s a wonderful game and I loved all the art! Good Job! 


This is a really good game! Me and my friend just finished getting all of the endings! This was totally worth our time! ^^ <3

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After I drink Yuu's tea the screen turns red and I can't interact with anything, not even the load button. Is this supposed to happen?

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