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Heyyoo! I have a question! What is the song called in the normal end, the one where you choose not to get a date?? I heard the sax, I literally jumped out of my seat and squealed...

Hi! I think you're talking about the song called Dixie Outlandish ^ ^

Hey Viryse! I need your help with some BUGgy, situation. So, I was trying to open the game after when I unpacked it to a folder(u know the usual thing), but afther that when I clicked on "HalloweenTapas.exe" the window with black screens opens and the white gear is on the left and the bottom corner. So is there a some problem with me, or my computer trying to protect my innocence from guts? ( ;-_-)

Hi there! Does nothing happen afterwards and there's just black screen? The gear is the menu button, although you can only access it during the game. Also, is it in the left and not right corner?

Yes, nothing happen when the black screen happening. And gear is in right corner.

Okie, let me check it out and see what might be wrong. Sorry for the trouble, I'll try to find the solution asap!

Hi! I couldn't find the solution to your problem, would you mind contacting me on twitter for further assistance?

Really love the game, the art is adorable (I already knew it's gonna be, considering I follow all of you on tapastic) and the story is interesting. It would be cool if you could choose a gender at the beginning of them game, but that's not really an issue considering the mc appears only at the end, really. I did find a bug, though. To me, when you play Yuu's route and pick to drink her tea, the screen goes red and stays that way. The end screen doesn't appear nor are you able to click the options button. While this isn't that much of a problem considering you can just exit the whole game and continue on, I just wanted to be of a little help. 

Good luck

Hi! Thanks for leaving me a comment. I did think about making mc neutral gendered, but since it was my first time making a game, I didn't really know how to manage that.. As for the bug, it should be fixed in the latest version (v1.3), thanks for mentioning it though!


Heya, I'd first like to say that I really enjoyed the game! The characters are cute and charming (maybe not when they're trying to kill you...). I found some of the dialogue to be quite funny, especially the voice in the protagonists head. 

Visuals wise the game looks fantastic, each character's been lovingly crafted and they are all unique from one another. The music also fits in nicely with the scenes that occur throughout the game.

It's a solid visual novel experience that I had fun playing through and would recommend others to give it a shot too. I only played through one of the routes offered but I was quite happy with the way things turned out, I would also like to say that I didn't run into a single bug. A few grammar errors here and there but nothing that takes you away from the game.

I hope you don't mind but I recorded a let's play of the game for my channel, also I'm deeply sorry if I butchered the pronunciation of your name...

Cheers and best wishes!


Hi! Thank you so much for a review, I'm glad you enjoyed the game! 

p.s. don't worry about the name, no one can get it right for the first time :'D

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You're quite welcome, and thank you for making a great game and taking the time to reply!

Out of curiosity, if you don't mind me asking, how do you pronounce your name? 


This was a sweet visual novel~ 

The art was adorable and very vibrant in color, and the character designs were pretty good in variety too.  I  also found the little emotes/kaomoji and the third party 'voice' to be pretty funny. It did well in adding more personality to the VN since I liked the execution of it; it wasn't too overbearing or overused.

As mentioned already, I did have a lot of trouble in Yuu's route though. Some options lead me to a red screen where I couldn't click on anything - not even the gear icon to access the menu. I don't know if that was intentional, but it forced me to restart the game so I couldn't see the bad endings in its entirety. 

Other than that, I really enjoyed this so good job!

ฅ/ᐠ。ᆽ。ᐟ \ 

Thank you so much for playing! The problem in Yuu's route still remains and I'm trying my best to make it work. I'm really glad you liked it thought! >////<

This game is so CUTE

Thank you!! (*/▽\*)

I already read your, En's, Yuu's, and Echo's content on Tapastic, so I knew this game would be a treat! I already finished your route, and I'm trying to finish Yuu's, but I'm having issues. For some reason, after I pick a folder of recipes, there's no text popping up, but Yuu's sprite continues to react with various facial expressions, so I assume it's somehow progressing without me. I closed and exited the game a couple times, but nothing's happening. What should I do? 

Hi! Thanks for playing DoD! I'm currently trying to see what's wrong. It seems like the bug exists only for some of the players. I'm very sorry, hope you can wait until I find a solution ^ ^

a really cute dating sim with multiple routes
great character design and music choices add to the replayability
i hope youre gonna make another game sometime

thank you for playing!

I really love this game! Cute, funny, and great choices to make. Here's my playthrough when I chose Viryse, sorry if I seem to have mispronounce the name. (^_^;)

waah, thank you so much for playing the game! don't worry about the pronunciation, no one can get it until they hear it :'D

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